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A pretty branch for me to wear

Hello Knitterly Friends (and everyone else)!

I’ve had a rather turbulent month, so my knitting has been sporadic at best the last few weeks. I’m behind my self-imposed schedule (WAY behind). BUT.

I managed to finish my Zweig Sweater by Caitlin Hunter! What a lovely pattern, so much fun to knit (even if the body does take a while to get done… I’m slow when doing cables, even little bitty ones that don’t need a cable needle at all).

I used Olann‘s Singles in Ursula and Rice Pudding, and oh my, are they pretty! And lovely to work with, too. I was a little weary of colour bleeding between the almost white speckled Rice Pudding and the darkly purple Ursula, so I rinsed the dark colour twice before winding it up, and there was no colour in the water. What a change from some of the Unfortunate Incidents I’ve had previously with bleeding colours! Remind me to tell you about my misadventures with Madelinetosh’s Mill Pond colour way….

I recommend you give Olann a try if you have the chance, the colours are stunning and the yarn and dying high quality. I’ve had nothing but fun with her creations so far. Same goes for Caitlin Hunter – OMG that woman can write patterns! I have yet to come across one of hers that has not been a joy to knit (and wear).

In terms of skill level, there’s not actually a lot of colour work involved, in case that scares you, and the lace repeats on the yoke are quite simple (especially if you place a marker after every repeat to help keep track of where you are or should be). The cross pattern on the body can be a little fiddly but it can be done quite easily without a cable needle and if you’re truly disinclined to cable-needle-free cabling, just knit in stockinette and leave the body plain, that should work just as well. I’d say this is a medium skill level kind of project, all in all. I hope you give it a try and have fun creating something great!


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